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Jonathan Lopez

Founder & CEO


A DJ for over 16 years and in that time he has traveled to many cities around the world to perform. While in these cities, he saw the good side and also the bad. In rural districts, and villages all over the undeveloped world, children bear the brunt of family destruction. Disease, war, and abject poverty wear down the weak and vulnerable remnants of families. Many children end up abandoned and drifting into urban shanty towns where unspeakable dangers prey on them. When there is no longer a parent to care for a child in desperate circumstances, predators and necessities take their toll on them.

Seeing all this motivated Jonathan to help out and make an impact on these children's lives, but all of this was because of a conscious choice to do good and strive to be something more than average.

Tatiana Canela

Executive Assistant


Tatiana is our veteran volunteer of LIVE.LOVE.DANCE.; she has been with us for the past two years. It's our joy to have someone like her with her dedication and leadership skills.  During the day she focuses on her career as an assistant to a reputable Maxillofacial surgeon. Tatiana is always attentive on how to aid others.  Her true passion is reaching out to children and trying to inspire them to reach their goals. Tatiana's outgoing personality, vast knowledge and  commitment to this charity has  inspired others to play a part that we all could give our time and help, every bit helps.

Carlos Cardenas

Chief Marketing Officer


Carlos, a Colombian native has exceeded academic expectations by graduating from Bergen County Technical as the Valedictorian.
For the past 7 years he has worked at Sandy Alexander, Inc. a commercial graphics communications company. He is currently the Supervisor of Bindery. Carlos frequently travels to his homeland and loves to enrich himself with the culture. At times you may believe you are seeing Carlos twice and that is because he is the oldest of twin Brother, Johnny Cardenas. By being a member of LLD he is happy to know he is making a difference to underprivileged children around the world.

Carolina Cabral

Development Officer


Earning a B.S. in Finance from Rutgers University; Carolina recently was promoted as an IT Manager for an Accounting firm that she has been working for over a decade. She dedicates her spare time by spending it with her family, friends, and her dog. Laughter and humor is what she brings to people with her own story telling of personal experiences. If she isn't doing yoga she is trying some new workout routine such as hula dancing, kickboxing, Zumba or hiking. On her down time she is soothing her soul with music from lyrics that touches the heart and inspires her to post her writings on her own blog. She truly believes "volunteering is a choice, not something that anyone makes you do.  It comes from within."

Johny Cardenas

Chief Media Officer


Here comes Johny! Johny is the younger twin of Carlos and LIVE.LOVE.DANCE. is glad to have both brothers as part of the team. Johnny is an academic achiever by graduating from Bergen County Technical as the Salutatorian. Johnny is the Supervisor in the Digital Printing department for Sandy Alexander, Inc and has been working there for almost a decade. In his spare time, he loves going out dancing and engaging himself on how to help others; he brings great authenticity to our team. Besides Johnny having twin telepathy, he also has the same commitment as the other members of LLD; and that is to serve and aid the children around the world who are less fortunate.

Lisa Lopez

Development Officer


Lisa Lopez is a New Jersey native and although she may have lived out of state for a time, there is no place like home. She comes from a large extended close family and among many the Lopezes value helping others. Lisa donated generously every year to various children charities but it wasn't until she met founder, Jonathan Lopez that she realized where the money actually went in for Profit charities. Unhappy with this information she wanted to do more and joined the Live.Love.Dance team to make a difference.

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