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I have been a DJ for over 17 years and in that time I have traveled to many cities around the world to perform. While in these cities I have seen the good side and also the bad. In rural districts, and villages all over the undeveloped world, children bear the brunt of family destruction. Disease, war, and abject poverty wear down the weak and vulnerable remnants of families. Many children end up abandoned and drifting into urban shanty towns where unspeakable dangers prey on them. When there is no longer a parent to care for a child in desperate circumstances, predators and necessities take their toll on them.

Seeing all this has motivated me to help out and make an impact on these children's lives, but all of this was because of a conscious choice to do “good” and strive to be something more than average.

" I've never been satisfied with where I’m at in life and I’m constantly looking for more ways to grow personally and spiritually. My love and passion for life and people drives me to succeed in anything and everything that I do, while at the same time looking for opportunities to give and serve others."

- Jonathan Lopez

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