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Q: How does LIVE.LOVE.DANCE. use 100% of donations to help children around the world?


A: We depend on private donors, sponsors, and our board members who fund all the operating costs. They cover everything from the office rent and supplies to our flights to our missions, so that we can continue to use all public donations to help underprivilaged children around the world.

Q: Who started LIVE.LOVE.DANCE.?


A: It all started with a DJ booking overseas.


Jonathan Lopez was on tour DJ-ing when he came across children roaming the streets late at night in different countries and saw first hand the poverty these children were living. Even during the day he saw children roaming the streets and not in schools getting the education they need. 


When he returned from this tour he came across a documentary named "The Human Experience". There was an experience in the movie where surfers were traveling the coast of South America and helping/volunteering with children sick and in need. So while they also got to do what they loved (Surfing) they made a difference in these children's lives by helping them.


Jonathan then came up with the idea of incorporating a similiar concept with his DJ career and his traveling. "If I can make a change in children's lives through the art of music and dance then this is my life's plan.” Jonathan came up with the name LIVE.LOVE.DANCE. Helping children LIVE, fostering LOVE, encouraging DANCE.


Read Jonathan Lopez's STORY.


Q: Why children?


A: Children are our future and our most valuable resource. All children need is a little help, a little hope, and somebody who believes in them. LIVE.LOVE.DANCE. projects help children get back that hope and belief they need to have a better future.

Q: What does LIVE.LOVE.DANCE. do?


A: LIVE.LOVE.DANCE. is a non-profit organization helping underprivilaged children here in the USA and around the world.


We inspire giving and empower others to fundraise alongside us to help children in poverty, help children's education, and children suffering from illness. We then use 100% of the publics donations to invest in local partners that will help build and implement the projects we focus on.


When the projects are complete, we prove them with GPS coordinates, photos and information about the impacted communities. We're passionate about connecting those who gave to the communities they've helped transformed.

Q: Where in the world does LIVE.LOVE.DANCE. work?


A: Since 2011 LIVE.LOVE.DANCE. has visited some of the most desperate places on earth to help the most needy in society. We have visited 7 countries and helped over 10, 000 children:



- Colombia

- Mexico

- Bahamas

- ST. Maarten

- Dominican Republic

- Puerto Rico 

and working on many more countries with your support.

Q: Are you located in NJ or NYC area?


A: Our headquarters is located in Lodi, NJ. We are 15 minutes from NYC. 

Our mailing address is P.O. Box 1054 Lodi, NJ 07644.

Q: How can I volunteer for LIVE.LOVE.DANCE.?


A: We’re always looking for help in the office, fundraising events, and more. Lend a hand, meet other supporters and learn more about LIVE.LOVE.DANCE.  Send us an message letting us know you would like to volunteer. 

Q: How can I intern for LIVE.LOVE.DANCE.?


A: You can always check our website where it says Internships.

We are always looking for new talented, happy, and ambitious interns to join us.


Click here, INTERNSHIPS.

Q: How can I fundraise for LIVE.LOVE.DANCE.?


A: Here's how it works!


1. Let us know! Message us below and let us know you are interested in making a difference by fundraising for LIVE.LOVE.DANCE.


​2. Start a campaign. We will help you create a campaign to make an amazing fundraiser with a goal to help children in need.


3. Fundraise. Now it's time to start fundraising! Your campaign will have a designated deadline date. Once your campaign is done, we'll send 100% of the money directly to the cause you specify:


- Poverty

- Education

- Abuse / Illness


As soon as your project is complete, we will show you exactly where you have impacted.

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